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  1. badger

    Three Squirrel, White Chilli

    I've been known to play around a bit in the kitchen, and Hoytmania got me thinking about trying something new. Don't get all technical with the name, you can use as many squirrels as you want! I just happened to have three fresh ones that needed some love. I'm not a person who uses measuring...
  2. CJD3

    Dove, Squirrel and Goose- Saturday

    Been a long time since I set my sight on a Fox Squirrel Opening day is this saturday: 9/1/12-1/31/13--(6 a day) Dove- 9/1/12-10/21/12 and 12/15/12-1/2/13--(15 a day) Also opening in a woods or waterway near you; Rails-9-1-12--11/9/12 (25 a day) Common Snipe-9/1/12--11/25/12 and...
  3. Curran

    Turkey VS. Squirrel

    I got a kick outta this one... It's a video that gets interesting at about the 30 second mark when the hen starts to scratch up some food.
  4. lung buster

    Squirrel season highlights

    Just wanted to share some of our good times chasing squirrel this season. Both of my kids love to go squirrel hunting with me and I've been taking them since they were 2. This was the first year that my son would be doing the shooting. He was using a .22 and we tried several rest and shooting...
  5. RedCloud

    Today's squirrel hunt

    Decided I was sick of being trapped in the house so I took my little trail blazing hunting guide with me this afternoon squirrel hunting. Blazing trails and checking to see if the old man was keeping up lmao. No squirrels were hurt in the process but it was still fun :smiley_clap:
  6. Matt

    Albino squirrel

    Thought this was pretty cool. http://www.dnr.ohio.gov/wildlife/dow/Photos/PhotoDetailVertical.aspx?m=&Gallery=Hunting&SubGallery=SmallGame&page=1&count=12&id=24815&pos=65