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  1. Richard Thompson

    My best pics taken by WingHome trail camera in 2018 summer

    I checked all my photos in trail camera these days and found three best pics stored in my WingHome trail camera.
  2. Riverdude

    2013 Summer Memories.......

    So now that it is Labor Day Weekend, the summer is coming to a close and Fall is almost upon us I was sitting here wondering what great memories, events, or fun things everyone had for the summer of 2013. Hope to hear other stories and see some photos. Guess I will start. Late spring I...
  3. Outdoorsfellar

    This has been the summer of returning .....

    ..... returning multiple cameras. Back in June I had to send back my Code Black mms due to problems when starting up for the season. They were kind enough to send me a 2013 replacement. Then, I had to return my new Moultrie Panoramic due to the weight of the C batteries causing the battery tray...
  4. Boone

    Slow Summer

    It's been a slow summer for me so far finding any decent bucks running deer cameras. Out in Portage County where I have a few cams, I don't even have a single mature buck yet. The EHD hit the area hard last year and we may not even hunt there much if the cameras don't show much before the...
  5. Ohiosam

    Summer is here

    :pickle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvUQcnfwUUM
  6. JPN

    first check of the summer

    I finally got a camera out last week. I put it out on a new farm where I was sure there are some good deer. I was really disappointed when I got to my camera and saw that it had only taken 70 pictures in a week compared to usually getting a couple hundred in a weeks time. As I started looking...
  7. twireman

    1st batch summer '11

    1st batch this summer for me. Only out a week. Snapped 180 actual deer pics. No bigguns but lot's of backstraps!! Enjoy.
  8. bowhunter1023

    Summer Velvet Progress Report

    I know we are all starting to see some deer that we'll be able to keep track of for the rest of the summer, so I figured it might be a good idea to have a place to keep track of sightings and such that might not have pics or vids to go along with them... We did a little back roading last...
  9. Tree Monkey

    The third and final project for the summer!!!!

    I haven't been on much....between mowing, mulching, and prepping for the pour....I have been shot in the evenings...I had to do most of the work by myself ...... given the lack of workers on pouring day ...and their lack of concrete experience it looks ok....oh and the rain that hit saturday as...
  10. bowhunter1023

    TOO Summer Gathering - June 11-12th?

    I'd like to get something together the weekend of June 11-12th at a generally central location to most TOOzers. The date is negotiable, but I've found over the years it works best to set a date in advance and hope people can make it work. This weekend is the weekend before Father's Day, so you...
  11. hunterkid94

    What are your summer goals?

    As the title states, what are your outdoor goals for this coming summer? Personally, I want to catch both a bass and a walleye big enough to mount and I want to buy a canoe. What say you?
  12. Gern186

    Summer of 2010 on the pond

    My 5 year old daughter Mallory is a big time fisher...girl. Here are some pictures from the pond this summer........ She caught these 2 bluegills at the same time while trolling a nightcrawler harness behind the paddle boat.... Did I mention that she likes to catch...