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  1. Fluteman

    Watched this guy Sunday evening.

    Went out to do a little scouting Sunday evening, as the winds were right. Ended up walking up on this buck and a smaller buddy, and snapped this pic with my phone through binos. He's a decent eight, great brows, but kinda weak on g2's and g3's. He fed out into the field and gave me a 30y...
  2. dante322

    Sunday hunting

    Looks like I will be good to go for hunting on sundays again this year. Once again, the Browns aren't worth watching. Three tipped balls resulting in turnovers. you have a first and goal inside the 5 and you don't hand the ball to Richardson?... ...Stupid
  3. Rutin


    Who's going out Sunday to try and kill some sky carp?
  4. xbowguy

    Sunday Day 7

    Well Folks........Today is the day....We're going to a fallen barn this morning and try to ambush one on the tractor path. Had 9 different deer pics between 7-9 am yesterday. Hoping to suprise one as wind is right.....Then go in and try to find Z's Doe from last night. Probably hit it again...
  5. Ohiobowhunter1

    Sunday harvest!

    This year has been challenging to say the least. I lost all my private land honey holes but I grew up hunting public land so I was confident that I could still fill my tags. I was lucky enough to harvest a doe on the 9th and set my goals on waiting for a particular buck that I had watched and...
  6. formerbowhunter1023

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!

    Go Pack!!!