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  1. TripleA88

    The Legend of the Swamp Donkey Tom Part 2

    Deep in the woods of Clark County lies a beaver dam swamp infested area that is nearly impossible to enter. Those who do rarely come back out. Old folklore suggest that this area holds the king of all turkeys. This was mearly a myth until last year when Joe and I succeeded on making it out...
  2. Huckleberry Finn

    Swamp People Star Dead

    Sad - he and his brother are some of my favorites on the show. Glad he went where he would have wanted to and doing what he loved. http://www.gohuntn.com/gohuntn/swamp-people-star-dies-while-loading-boat/
  3. Jackalope

    Joe and Alex's Swamp Bird (Video)

    . After watching a bird for weeks strut in a spot visible from the road he disappeared a couple days before season. Thursday evening found us in his zone seeing if we could hear a roost gobble.. After a couple calls on a gobble call and waiting him out a few coons started fighting right at...
  4. swamp_donkey819

    Swamp donkey

    has anyone tried the primos swamp donkey attractants, ive heard good things, im stocked up on almost everything they have even the primos red spot just wondering if anyone has ever tried it and if it works or wasting my money
  5. Mao

    Found Swamp Thing's House

    Either his or the Ohio Grassman's.... Anyways... Dad and I didnt waste any time getting on the new property... We set this up this morning in the swampy creek bottom...I am hoping he can get a crack at a good buck and I can take a doe or tw from this spot...