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  1. Y

    I'm new :) and a young taxidermist

    Hi I'm an 18 year old taxidermist located in Avon Ohio! Most of my questions are going to revolve around legality issues. Mostly on roadkill. I'm excited to be apart of this, if anyone wants any taxidermy info let me know, I'd love to know more about hunting in Phio as it may be something I...
  2. teej89


    This year I think I'm going to give taxidermy a shot, I'm gonna mount a doe. If I get a buck that's going to someone that knows what they're doing haha Anyways, does anyone here mount their own deer? Should I buy one of these kits from Mckenzie? http://www.mckenziesp.com/105000-P14454C5618.aspx
  3. finelyshedded

    Taxidermy tip

    This has been an issue for many of us over the years when it comes to having our deer mounts brought back to life. This is not pointing at any of the taxi's on this site or deer mounts on this site. It's simply an observation over the years to the present. Measure the distance from the tip...
  4. saddlepants

    Want to learn Taxidermy

    In a bad way. Have wanted to for many years but the schools are just so far away. Im interested in maybe an apprenticeship? Does anybody know of someone who could use some help...the girl close to me is really good and Ive talked to her but It seems she doesnt want to create competition for herself.
  5. rossbows

    Services buck creek taxidermy

    This is a one stop shop. You can get your deer processed and get your trophy mounted. pricing Processing- $80 other stuff extra ( jerky sticks summer sausage bologna ect) shoulder mount- $325 horn mount- $80 European mount- $90 Turkey shoulder mount- $150 address 6599 twp rd 110...
  6. M

    Services Whitetail Specialties Taxidermy

    Got my new website up and running. Give it a look. Tell me what you think. www.whitetailspecialties.com Thanks for looking
  7. J

    Knight's Taxidermy - Whitetail Seminar

    For anyone interested, Brian Knight will be holding a whitetail deer mounting seminar this June in Copley Ohio. I attached the flyer for more info. Also, anyone can call Brian at 330-419-1819 for more details. Hopefully you can view the flyers... If not let me know and I'll email a PDF.
  8. Schu72

    Do you get taxidermy anxiety?

    Just dropped off my buck. Kind of an anxiety provoking experience. So I was wondering how many of you get anxiety over picking the right taxidermist, the right pose, the right turn, etc? I went with a full sneak, left turn, ears semi-back/back. And now the waiting begins.......The day...