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  1. Rutin

    FOR SALE 6 Rage 2 blade chisel tip & standard plus practice heads & More

    Ive got 6 Brand new Rage 2 blade broadheads for sale. 3 are the brand new chisel tip and 3 are the original cut on contact tip. One head is used (coyote) and there are 4 practice heads included. I also have a rage cage case for them and the brand new shock collars. I also have dental bands that...
  2. finelyshedded

    Tannerite Tip

    After reading Jesses thread about his buddy shooting off 6 bags and having a sheriff stop by later I thought I'd share my story. Here's the short version: We've had probs with a snooty rich neighbor always calling the authorities on us when we target practice at the neighbor that lives...
  3. xbowguy

    Turkey Plaque Tip

    Here is a little thing I thought of one day. Save your shell and use it to mount your beard on the plaque.
  4. M

    Turkey Killing Tip

    If you struggle to consistently kill turkeys and killing a turkey is your primary objective in the spring turkey woods, I’ll let you in on a secret that will dramatically increase your success…and no, it’s not baiting or tenderizing them through the feet. This technique is a close second on the...
  5. finelyshedded

    Taxidermy tip

    This has been an issue for many of us over the years when it comes to having our deer mounts brought back to life. This is not pointing at any of the taxi's on this site or deer mounts on this site. It's simply an observation over the years to the present. Measure the distance from the tip...
  6. matt hougan

    A tip for my TOOzer friends

    JBrowns post this week inspired me to offer a few tips as well, strictly for my new TOOzer brothers and sisters. I appologize for the sound quality but you get the idea. If you guys find this useful I'd gladly make more.
  7. ohio mossy oak

    A last minute turkey hunting tip

  8. Dannmann801

    Share just ONE tip...one only

    As a holiday gift, share with everyone else just ONE TIP relating to whitetail deer hunting. Something that you've learned or been shown that makes things easier or more successful. Could have to do with wind direction, or dealing with overly long bootlaces. Maybe your prehunt ritual, or a...