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  1. xbowguy

    New Toy ~~ Scorpyd Ventilator Crossbow

    Bought a New Crossbow. Got the Scorpyd Ventilator 150. This thing is Awesome with one of the smoothest triggers I've ever used on a crossbow. 36" Length 13" Wide in Cocked Position 18.5" Power Stroke Hawke XB 30 Scope (Light Collector) Up to 400 FPS (386 w/426 gr arrow) 140+ Pounds of KE...
  2. Rutin

    New hunting toy!

    Well I finally broke down and bought a DSLR camera. I bought a Canon T3i this week and plan on spending the next week in Hilton Head getting to know it very well. I bought the camera combo with the extra 55-250mm lens for those further out velvet shots. I really enjoy my HD Canon XHA1 camcorder...
  3. Longdraw

    Dogs new toy

    Decided to buy my pup a blind,,,he has seemed to have no problem going in and out of it even laying in it,I was worried it might scare him
  4. COB-TY

    My New Toy

    Here is my new Browning BLR LT .243: Six rounds a 50 yards and it "almost" dialed in. Some more work to do. Some one buy that .223 I have for sale cause I've got a .223 on da way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley_clap:
  5. U

    my new toy

    well got income tax in today , paid bills up for next few months , baught a vehicle , paid of a few debts , and had some extra spending money left over , so i told my wife if she wants her laptop i wanna new gun , this is what i got a savage edge 22-250 , plus a few boxs of shells and a...
  6. "J"

    UGLYKAT Got him a new toy......

    Mark went and bought a new toy for the outdoors funz..... He'll have to fill in the blanks lol.... :pickle: