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  1. "J"

    Question for iPhone users

    A lot of the videos posted don't show in the threads when I open them up, can't remember if it is on all of them or not but it does seem like the vast majority are like that... Anyone else have that problem or know the fix for it? The only way so far to view them is going too my pc....
  2. Jackalope

    Tapatalk Users. FYI

    . OK guys. I have fixed the issue where you couldn't upload images locally to this forum. As a result I've also disabled the host images at tapatalk function... I had to do this because tapatalk will eventually delete those images leaving the posts you made without their images. This could...
  3. bowhunter1023

    Trophy Cam Users

    What models are you running? After checking prices on eBay, I'm thinking I'll roll the Trophy Cam route. I wouldn't mind a little feedback regarding what model you have and any other tips/advice you would have. Do they accommodate a Python Lock?
  4. Milo

    truth cam users..

    found a guy on ebay selling the external power cords for the cams. it will be a cold day in hell before i pay 13 bucks for it though....hell the battery ain't that much. i'm gonna try to find it and order direct because it is surely a supply house item.