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  1. Scarlet&Gray

    Wader brands

    I am wanting to get a pair of waders but would like to know if anyone has opinions on brands and which ones are good. I'm looking for affordable but durable chest-high waders. I am in the "big and tall" range as I'm a big guy but not rotund just a larger man. The brand I have been looking at...
  2. U

    chest wader storage ?

    baught my first set of waders today and i have no clue on how to store them , do i hang em up , fold em up , upside down right side up , i need you guys with waders to give me some pointers
  3. U

    wader ?

    im going shopping for some waders this spring i have never owned a pair , they are gonna be used for wading the lakes and creeks so i can get to good spots for shad , after last year of wading in clendening up to my belly in 40 degree water i figured it was time to get me some waders , can...