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  1. jagermeister

    Keep this in mind...

    ...when choosing your next broadhead. On opening day this season, I shot a doe at about 24-26 yards. The arrow, tipped with a Magnus Stinger 150, blew right through her like a hot knife through butter... and buried into the hillside about 8" or so. As with most hillsides in Carroll County...
  2. hickslawns

    Kershaw knives? Any input?

    I had a friend buy me a Kershaw knife for my birthday last year. After field dressing some deer together he said I needed a good knife. I did not intend on using it for this purpose but rather a general purpose/daily carry knife. Ironically, we did use it for some field dressing duties...
  3. Schu72

    Extended Warranty

    I'm real close to buying a cam or two and was wondering if you all purchase extended waranties?