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  1. Johnch

    Just watching the deer and waiting

    OK I admit I have 3 trail cameras out But I will not be checking them for a month or so As I know where the deer are And will be I will check the cameras to see what will be the #1 target But almost every night I sit at the kitchen table and watch the deer Right behind my house is a...
  2. ohio mossy oak

    Will you be watching????

    SAT. Nov 12th GOP debate on CBS at 8pm est...Will you be watching?
  3. "J"

    Anyone watching the Bassmasters classic????

    Aaron Martens is in the lead after the first day.... I like Gary Klein but he's kinda in a hole after day one so I think he's out of it for the most part, but and there's always a butt lol... He may make a run for it on day two....