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  1. Dannmann801

    A word from Hornady about Ammunition Availability

    I happen to like Hornady products and think they're first class - Saw a link on another forum and them lifted this from Hornady's website, thought I'd share http://www.hornady.com/support/availability A Word on Availability The current political climate has caused extremely high...
  2. JD Boyd

    CNN Drops the "N" word

    WOW!!! http://youtu.be/cbc6YxBlAk8
  3. moundhill

    Four letter word..

    CORN.. Put some corn out and here's what came by in 3 days. Here's the one I've gotten quite a few pictures of, and some in daylight.. Here's the 2nd biggest buck I have pictures of this year, and he survived! Another good one
  4. Jackalope

    Word on the street is

    Mrs Flutey flute scored on a buck this evening. :smiley_clap:
  5. cotty16

    Just Got Word

    I think we have some more new meat. I just received a text from my buddy that he and another friend of ours joined. So.... if you see "Wuke" or "HEC" around these parts be sure to bust their balls. Wuke is the one, if you remember, that I posted the pic of during gun season that shot a nice...
  6. U

    no joke please read and spread the word

    as of january 6th it is illegal to sell , buy , trade reptilia in ohio , consisting of crocodylia (aligators ) boidea (constrictors ) and many other reptiles john kasich passed a emergency law that now makes buying selling and trading of these pets along with many other animals beside reptiles ...