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1965 Buick Gran Sport





Just figured I would give you guys some content! 1965 Buick Gran Sport. 401 Nailhead. Sitting in a 20' trailer right now waiting to be put in a real nice garage so I can get the project going!! That is, once I find my OH property 😁


It is the original engine. 38,xxx miles. It was repainted by my wifes dad...but its not perfect 😑 He tore it apart to paint it and sent it back in pieces...and missing pieces 😑 He had it for years, even from before I met my wife.

I got it and tried starting it...starter froze after a couple cranks. Unfortunately the engine pretty much has to come out to replace the starter because i know the exhaust manifold bolts are going to snap which has to be removed to get to the starter. It will give me a chance to clean the engine and fix the rear main seal leak. Also put on some long tube headers and a cam 😊

It needs quite a bit of tlc. Good from far, but far from good!

Im just looking to make a decent backroad racer! I dont want it perfect, I just want it to run and sound like a raped ape. The interior is rough and thats putting it nicely. A couple racing seats and the interior is done!! Nuttin fancy!


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Know a guy I used to work with back in Ohio. He had a couple of these. One 60’s vintage and the other a 70’s vintage. He raced one of them in a nostalgia circuit, last I heard.
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