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Same I saw. What are people thinking when they release these into the wild? You have to have a permit to own one in Ohio according to the article. If one of these things were to hurt someone, couldn't that make them culpable?

Edit: It's probably not warm enough, especially in water, for them to get too frisky and they're pretty docile to begin with unless they're used to being fed by a human, which, assuming these were someone's pets, they are.


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Back in the about 92-93 I caught a piranha in the Genoa quarry. Local swimming hole. Imagine if that happened in today's world?

People dump stupid shit all the time because they think it's funny or it outgrew its welcome. People sucked before and they will continue to suck in the future.


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I've caught cichlids in Ohio and Illinois waters. I also found a,Russian Tortoise in my backyard.
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