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AT&T Outage


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I've been an AT&T customer for well over a decade and the only two times we've had a network issue, it was localized due to power/generator outages. Today is much different since it's a national issue that has had my phone down for 6+ hours. Has anyone heard if this was a cyberattack or another form of national security issue? Seems like a good candidate for a dry run from the Russians or Chinese.


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It is the strangest thing I have seen. It is not area specific, it is not Android or iPhone specific. It is not account specific. My mom’s works my step dad does not. Same with my wife and I. Mine is zero service my wife’s is working. That tells me it is not network related, fiber related, account related, or device related. I also switched from 5g to LTE to see if it was 5g related. Nope. That only leaves a couple things it could be. Serial numbers is where I am leaning. I am guessing that a subset of device IMEIs have been deleted from the biller or SIM card ICCIDs.
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My Verizon phone was having issues yesterday around 3pm. My phone showed half bars of service but nothing would work. I even got a pop up message saying I was offline. Only lasted about an hour and a half

My phone doesn't want to fully work unless I'm connected to wifi. Just went to pick my son up and tried searching online for something and nada. My texts still went but I couldn't search anything and couldn't use pandora.
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And there just happens to be a high altitude balloon over western skies??....I ain't buying it. It was to see how early they could disrupt systems before detection. A full day is bad bad news I think😔


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Reports I am hearing is that it was a software issue. There was a software update that went into place and the switch didn’t like it. They pulled back the update to mitigate the issue. When they did the system lost necessary compatibility coding. Kicked a lot of mobile numbers out of system.
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