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Badger Reporting In


*Supporting Member*
Redcloud invited me over. Good looking board guys!

I guess I'll drink 10 or 15 beers tonight and read over some of the posts here.

Can't beleive it took so long for me to get an invite.:smiley_adfundum:


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Welcome Badger... Sorry it took so long. Really we haven't been up that long though, we just talk a bunch... Were ya sitting over on the other place going "Where the fugg did everyone go?" LOL.. Anyways bud. Glad to have ya. :)


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North Central Ohio
Can't beleive it took so long for me to get an invite.:smiley_adfundum:

We have to go covert on OS and can't say the site name over there without it being *******.com lol. I didn't have you as a contact on AT so that took a little time to track ya down as well. I left TOO's web addy for you over at AT and had to get on OS to drop a HINT to go check your mail on AT and do a little catching up with you in the process lol.


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Hey Welcome Badger!

You will love this place, it is so much cooler and funner then "Other Sites" wink, wink.

Get a few beers, sit back and look around. It is more fun then a guy is allowed to have.

Again Welcome.


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Gods Country
Welcome Badger. How are you doing after the surgery? I haven't been able to follow all the threads over at the other place as well as I used to. I don't know what is wrong with my computer, It just keeps directing me to this place. Anyways glad to see you around.


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Glad to have you Badger! Hope you are healing up okay! I haven't been checking in across the street much either. I think you will find the more you log onto TOO, the less you will want to log in "over there". You will quickly realize with the core group of guys on here, they have been left with a few good eggs and a bunch of newbs.


*Supporting Member*
Thanks for the hospitality!

The arm is healing up nice other than the extension. I might have to wear a dyna brace for a few months to get full extension. I'll find out more on that on Monday.
I still have 5 more pt rehab sessions allowed through my insurance.

So how fired up are all of you for deer season to start? I'm going to put up my blind today and cut a few lanes then maybe pull it and do the same out back. I just want to make sure I have no little branches in the way.

I also have some meat going on the smoker. A couple of beef roasts and I wrapped up two squirrels in a small baking pan with some broth. Temp is right about 250 and holding steady!

Won't be long and it will be time for a cold one! :smiley_adfundum:



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Southeast Ohio
Glad you made he jump to the dark side Badger, welcome! Glad the healing process is going well. What you got in the smoker? Mind if I come over for supper? :D


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Crawford county
welcome badger, good to see you found us. Like redcloud said, we had trouble getting the word out on os, even pms and the chat were being watched. If you know any other guys that might be good additions here, by all means, let them know.


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Hope you can find time to hang out here wid us, in between all the squirrel killin you got goin on - dang, yer slayin' em buddy


Tatonka guide.
wecome badger..there are a few smokers ( legal kind) on here so speak up on some recipes..