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Bur Oaks Under Attack?


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All the bur oaks around my house have shriveled up and half eaten leaves on them. Not the best pic, but gives you an idea of what they look like. Old and young are afflicted and it appears to be the whole tree. White, red, and pins don't appear to be affected.

Anyone else seen then and/or know what the cause may be?



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Oak Anthracnose?

Could also be from a late frost. My weeping cherry did that last spring. Newly formed leaves got hit by a late frost and they shriveled up like that and fell off. Had plenty of bare branches last year because of it.
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I didn't take time to expand but the gypsy moth up here has devastated oaks for years. The state park where I used to hunt had a big grove of white oaks that got destroyed by the moth 15-20 years ago. Sucks to see so much dead timber go to waste there. This year they are planning several large sprayings in our county as they predict a heavy year of them. Guess the new politically correct name for them has been changed to Spongy Moth.

The other possibility with the wilted up leaves could be Oak Wilt. April through July it is important to NOT trim or damage oak trees in any way for fear this disease could take over and possibly kill the tree.