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Camo - bc its true


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North Central Ohio
It's discussed weekly, monthly, yearly. It makes up the core of most of our gear. It constantly changes and yet they didn't list Mexican. Which one are you?

I'm a Realtree guy, they nailed it lol.


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Since buying Sitka gear, I just don’t feel right. I think I’m usually the most mismatched camo-clad dude in the woods... but now hunt like a yuppie on the cold days. I’m ashamed.
Don’t worry Brock… The shame wears off a little more and more over time, with every moment you’re in the company of an uncomfortable, cold, wet non-sitka wearing peasant hunter. 😂

I kid, I kid.


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I'm the "what was on clearance 10 years ago" camo.
Same, nearly all of my deer huntin clothes is over 10yrs. old too.

The last article of camo clothing that I recall purchasing off the top of my head for deer hunting seasons was the 'Rocky' rain jacket, just before I participated in the Deer Creek Park control hunt 3 years ago, and a replacement pair of boot insulator covers, and that's it.
All of my early deer season light gear though was definitely purchased on clearance at Walmart back in 07-08, and they are still in great shape despite all the miles and abuse I put them through.

Not sure exactly what category that puts me in, and yes, nearly all of my stuff is in the Realtree camo patterns, so IDK. Cheap maybe? That works for me...


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Military surplus kinda guy

Perhaps the most beloved piece of clothing that I have and use religiously while hunting anytime the temps get below the freezing mark, which are my military surplus purchased fleece inner liner bibs. They cost me hardly nothing. They're identical to what I used to wear all the time back in the day when I was in the USAF and needed to work in & around any of the flight lines, taxiways, pre-threshold areas, runways, all towers, along with all weather/navigation flight facilities, hangers, and weapon storage areas that had any kind of an obstacle beacon attached in Great Falls, Montana as a high voltage linemen electrician & lighting specialist for the entire airport base and any of the remote LCF/LF sites all throughout the cold months. I love the damn things, and I wear them under my outer bibs. My body never gets cold when I'm wearing them too, in combination with the 'Rocky' bibs that I purchased in Nelsonville, Ohio over 10 years ago that I absolutely love as well!

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