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dirty jobs and exterminators

mike rowe is becoming more peta non friendly , i mean how many shows would bluntly say the next scene you are abuot to watch is gonna be very explicit , we wont show you me shooting the animal but we are gonna play sound ,its part of where our food comes from and needs to be shown , then you here pow , and the steer hitting the ground and kicking around , he is my new hero


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Mike is a cool dude from what I can tell. And it seems Discovery, History, and TLC tend to have a right-sided lean to them these days. Glad they rank in my Top-10 favorite channels!


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I don't watch it, just saw the clip. I do love Sarah though.

Dirty Jobs is good, I like Mythbusters TOO, even though most of their ones involving guns are a little off. But maybe its just because watching the show makes me feel smarter than them...


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I don't care what anybody says, I like watching Billy the Exterminator! I like dirty jobs just as well. Pickers is up there too.