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Finally a REAL SCUM BAG gets nailed for Poaching!!

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
I just got a call from my dad saying that so and so had 3 game warden trucks and a sheriff at his house. So I do some calling and get some inside information and find out that it was the guy I was hoping !!! They questioned 5 guys and ended up nailing this one guy from all the info given to them. He had 5 racks taken away from the previous two years, a 115, 120, 2-130, and a 150. I know he has taken more than that over the years that were poached. I saw one a 11pt that scored 175, "his dad" shot that but couldn't provide a cape so he was asking around for a replacement cape for the mount. This is his second poaching arrest and hope this slows him down but I doubt it will. I know that he shot a buck out from under a guy that was had wounded it. He saw him trail it in the corn field and when the guy kicked it up he shot it at the other end of the field and didn't have permission for the ground. But claimed he shot it on the other side of the fence that was 400 yrds away!!!... This guy is a scum and all the big bucks in my old hunting grounds come up missing, they will be very visible and then disappear with out a trace never to be seen again and now one ever shoots them. I knew why they coming up missing, but just couldn't prove it. I know a couple will be sneaking around at night and a few will be hit by a car or die of old age but all you have to do is drive 10 mins in any direction and that isn't the case with other big bucks that are seen year after year or some one legally kills them. I haven't heard what he is gonna get yet but I will keep my ears open and drink a cold one when it's all done!


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North Central Ohio
I remember saying this on that other site about something and figure it would work well for this as well lol.

Take the guy bend him over and strap him to a sawhorse stripped naked during the height of the rut and dowse his ass with doe estrus for a couple days. I guarantee he will never look at another buck ever again :D.


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Gods Country
You forgot about taping a bleat call to his mouth so every time he gets rammed the buck just gets more excited.


You know what!!!
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SW Ohio
Thats great news TM! What everyones said previously is funny and great but it still ain't enough for me. Take there hunting rights away for life and if they get caught even with a pea shooter shooting birds, lock them up with Bubba in the state pen and let him corn blast his ass for a decade or two. Poachers.......are below scum!!!