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First post saying hi and showing my last project.


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Hi guys I am new here but have been around these boards for a long time. Hickslawns turned me on to this sight. I have been spending all my time on the home gunsmithing boards lately.

I haven’t been hunting much in the last few years. I have ran a trap line the last couple years and am planning on it this year.

Thought Id share some pictures of a bullet trap I just finished making last weekend.

The first picture is how the bullets enter the trap and will spin around.

I also made a tube with a piece of 3/8” flat to stop the bullets from spinning after they start dropping down towards the awaiting bucket.

Here is the trap almost finished and ready for the test.

This is how I hung the bucket to catch the bullets.

I started shooting 5 - .22 rimfire bullets. Then fired 5 - 9mm bullets then 5 - .45 acp bullets. I could hear them drop into the bucket even though there wasn’t much left of them when they made it into the bucket.

I cast my own bullets so having the trap will make my lead last longer.

Hope you like the trap.

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I can honestly say that I've never seen anything like that!?! That's pretty cool and a little crazy.

I'm assuming that you can now put a piece of paper or something stretched across the front to put targets on and blast away? Is there any danger of bouncing bullets and them coming back at you?

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the sight- I look forward to the rest of your posts! Check out the gun porn thread and share some of your collections :) Don't worry, we won't hold it against you that you are friends with Hicks, we kinda like the guy!



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Yea you can see 2 pieces of angle running horazonal across the top and bottom of the trap. I now have 2 pieces of 2x6's screwed on to them. I will staple card board to them.

I wish I could get some of the other guys around here (Lima Area) to hang out and shoot the sh?? with. Maybe even :smiley_adfundum:



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That's a slick set up. At the spot that we used to shoot (I'm in the market for a new place) we built a frame going across two cut trees with 2x2's that where grooved just right to put clay targets in between vertically. They make for great pistol practice, and then we built a similar frame off the boards to insert cardboard. I can't tell you how many times I've shot in this field or that field and have walked back to my gun only to turn around and see the target flopped over!

I'm from Mount Gilead, on the other side of Marion, but do love the Lima area. I've done some barn work over there in the Kenton area. A big group of guys from the site (Hicks was there) get together for the BuckeyeCam shoot, which was in Marengo this year at the Cardinal Center, which is also home to state and national trap shoots. There's get togethers here and there a few times in the year scattered across the state, plenty of shooting, bullshitting, and drinking!

Cap't Ernie / Steve (good to see another Steve on here!)


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NE Ohio
Ya. Welcome to the show!

And that is a very cool idea! :smiley_clap:
That would be a great idea to pitch to any one or club w/ a shooting range. :smiley_cowboy:
Have you considered selling them?


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Very nice Steve! I have a couple pieces I need to fire. Dad is between your place and mine and could use a close place to shoot. Tried Sabres but they left a bad taste in his mouth. We could help fill up your "lead bank".


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My next test will have to be with the .44mag. So far it has taken everything I have fired at it.

I don't know how the neighbors will like all the shooting. I half expected the Shawnee police to show up today. I am sure I will pass their inspection.

I am a member of the Sabres also. But it is all the way across the other side of town.

I built the bullet trap so I could test loads and guns with out driving all the way to Sabres.


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Sunbury, OH
What steel did you use? We made some out of mild steel and would stay away from it. We had some deform (read dent) and it was making bullets bounce back at us. We only use hardened...I think 400...for our targets now. With such a drastic angle for your "lead catcher" I don't think it would be a problem either way.



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If you run short of lead I have a bunch. Not sure if it would work well for bullets, it is really soft.

Thanks for the offer. I use wheel weights right now I have about 700 lb. but no idea where to get more. The price has really gone up.

The place I work sends a lot of steel up to Swanton. I work at Benjamin Steel.


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
Probably to Swanton welding, they have grown into a pretty big outfit.

I think most wheel weights get recycled now. I run across lead when we do x-ray rooms. I grab any scrap I can for sinkers. Been a few years since I got any but I still have a good pile.