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Gear heads i need some help.


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Athens County
Well we were successful. Not even back yet. Me and my brothers and nephew loaded up at 7 and headed to Winchester ky. Pulled in and within minutes we realized this guy was full of shit the car was leaking oil everywhere and it wasn't even close to what he said it was. We left and went and got something to eat. And I found another about an hour and a half away. I got the guys number and told him what we had to spend and he took it. So we loaded up and made the drive to his house. After an hour of bullshitting and looking the car over we loaded it up and headed home. It still needs some interior trim pieces put on but it has a nice 383 stroker and is a Pretty nice car. It's been a long day but a good one my nephew learned a few things he probably shouldn't have at his age but that builds character.
Bad ass….great choice…and a memory never forgotten. 👍🏼😎
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@bigten05 guess what I found.... Was in a friend's body shop being detailed... Owner is an older lady...


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