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Gear heads i need some help.


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knox county ohio
Well I didn't get the video of the garage door opening because I was the one driving. It all started with a group of us going to the golf simulator at 2, I picked dad up and as we left my brother was on his way to dads with the car. We told him we were gonna go to eat after golfing, when we got done I drug my feet to get out there so everyone we were with could get there before us. As we pulled in dads said what the hell is this, there were like 20 cars in his driveway. I pulled right up to the garage door and as I pull in he says why the hell is my truck out of the garage. When he got out they opened the door and everyone yelled happy birthday, and I'm pretty sure he his next words were what the fuck is that. Then it hit him what was going on and he broke down a little. The first drive started out with a burnout and then we ended up getting shitty drunk the rest of the night. The burnout video won't upload I'll have to see if I can figure it out.


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