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Hand cleaner

Josh carpenter

Active Member
What do you guys use when getting dirty , grease oil ect. I notice lava isn’t as good as it was in the 80s just got this bottle in at work , really like it


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North Carolina
I use the tub of towels. 10”x 12” wipes. Takes care of anything I get into…. Think TSC sells them.


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NE Ohio
I use Dawn dish soap to clean the oil based mud out of my FR’s.
Soak em in a 5gal bucket of hot water and healthy squeeze of Dawn for a day, stirring a couple of times before washing.
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Walbridge oh
Can't remember the name. Think it starts with a V but dad always had a tin can of it on the work bench. Smelled sweet and it worked awesome to get grease out of your jeans. Don't think you can get it anymore or I would probably have some lol.


Black Hat Cajun
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I use the hand cleaner cloths. Best thing I have ever used. Not sure on the brand off the top of my head but will look next time I am up in the barn.

they are GOJO scrubbing towels.
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