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How Life Changes

Hey gents! I know I've been MIA for a hot bit, figured I'd stop back in an give you guys the scoop. Unfortunately, life doesn't work out the way you plan and I got divorced in Nov. Not what I planned on happening but, have to roll with what life gives you. The boys and I are much happier now, actually, my ex wife is as well. So all parties involved are in better places. I moved out of the farm (160 acres) and into a condo (0 acres) hahahaha, near work in the meantime. Work and life continued on. Fast forward a few months. Fate and positivity has smiled on me once again! My girlfriend and I went to look at a place in Valley City the other day, 10 acres, house is old and needs work but the price is perfect and the land is well worth it. Put in an offer and it looks pretty good so far! Prayers needed!!!! SO, it looks as ill be dragging you poor souls along this new adventure God willing! Stay tuned!!!!


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NW Ohio
Good to see you're on the rebounc from your rough patch. Hope it all continues to improve. Sounds like it was for the best.


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On the plus side, Valley City is usually a target-rich environment. Lots of deer and lots of turkeys!

In all seriousness, sometimes divorce can actually be the best thing to happen for a family. It was for my family, anyway. My folks split up when I was a teenager and they are both much happier because of that. It just wasn’t working and making it drag out longer wasn’t helping anyone. I hope you and your family can say the same thing eventually.

Good to have ya back, man.
Seller accepted the offer. We're in closing! 10 acres, about 4.5 acres of woods, 4.5 acres of field/open area and an acre of property owing west branch of rocky river that runs through the property. So excited. All the stuff looks good, just gotta wait til it closes. Fingers crossed. Won't be able to do much as far as food plots and such this year, so I'll end up a master baiter. Lmao. Would be a dream for one of the boys to shoot a deer there this year, but, we'll see! Stay tuned and I'll send in some pics soon!


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Heck yeah! Congratulations! That sure has some potential with that back field and all.
Absolutely!!! I think worst case is day of the close, I'll go and spray that back field. Then a few days later I'll come back in and put a turnip/ field pea/ forage bean mix in. Plenty of time for the food to come up for furry critters! Can't wait for this new adventure!