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Is this a young deer?


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S.E. Ohio
I agree with that this deer appears young in that pic. If you have more pics you might be able to get a better guess.

Young or not I would have zero chance of letting him pass.
I'm not sure the bottom one is the same deer



Big Weff

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Unless I had 1000 acres and that deer was right in the middle of it there is no way I would question that deers age…. I would not pass that deer if I was 100% certain no one else would shoot him just to be clear. My guess on age is 4 but I’d shoot that fugr before the deer farmer comes looking for him.


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Jamestown, OH
Yeah I would guess 4 years old. I can guarantee that if he came by my stand I would fall out of it. I would do my best to try and get an arrow through him. 😂🤣😂
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Keene, OH
Do the farms have to test for that stuff?
.YES. Guernsey County - https://www.farmprogress.com/animal-health/chronic-wasting-disease-confirmed-ohio-captive-deer
.YES. Holmes County - https://www.cleveland.com/outdoors/2014/10/deer_at_homes_county_hunting_p.html
.YES. Wayne County - https://agri.ohio.gov/wps/portal/go...news-and-events/cwd-detected-on-wayne-co-farm
.YES. Wyandot County -


The legal ones do to a point, the illegal ones don't but once ONE deer with CWD gets loose tested or not, it's introduced into the wild herd and spreads throughout the area and continues to spread via the wild herd.

We have three deer from a farm that escaped over the last five years - at LEAST - This is a young buck from the neighbors land a couple weeks ago.

The outfitter had a mature doe with a tag last year and this year, I saw a tagged buck in 2018 running loose on the property South of me....

There are no "legal" deer farm in the area. ODNR officials have been contacted and are investigating.


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S.E. Ohio
I hate to bump this old post I made but I thought some of the people who gave me their input here would be interested to know this deer was killed by a hunter a few miles away.

The text I got from a friend simply said a hunter got the buck and this is the only photo shared so far. Not too far from where a lot of the trailcam photos are from. But definitely Congratulations to the hunter it is a once in a lifetime buck for sure!


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So I originally posted this trailcam photo from the night before on a Facebook group. I was surprised at every comment saying how young the deer looks and that it still hadn't reach its potential. I'm still not very experienced hunting let alone aging deer.

I deleted the post when some members who were familiar with me began discussing what road I live on to a group of about 60,000 strangers. However I wanted more opinions so I thought I would bring it here

Does this deer look immature and is just a freak of nature or as I personally thought a mature deer?
We can't tell without knowing the area of the state it resides in. Twp. data is the minimum we would need. Better to give GPS Data for accuracy. But if it were me, I'd say 4.5 years. He is just reaching his prime in my eyes. And if he was in my scope?