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Ohio Fishing Contest 2022


The Bass Whisperer
Supporting Member
This will be 4th time doing this. How awesome is this. Everybody had a blast last year. The winner of last year was @whitetailjunky3. Nice job.

Here are the rules:
- No paylake is allow. Only River, lake, pond, and creek.
- please put in the total of points for the fish you have caught per day. So I can keep track of it. I will take care of it first thing in the morning.
- the bottom there are the list of species that you only allow to catch in Ohio. There are also the length that are required to have to earn the point
-the contest starts May 27th and ends at Sept 3rd. So, Good luck. Let’s have some fun.
-There will be a winner for an adult and a winner for a youth. So, for first place with most points will win a hoodie or T-shirt of your choice walleye/or bass and you will get a 6X6 decal sticker of your choice walleye/ or bass
2nd place will win a too koozie of your choice walleye/or bass

Specie Lenght/weight point

Carp/Sucker 25” inches 2 pts.

saugeye 16” or Longer. 2 pts

Rainbow trout 20” 2pts
Brown trout 20” 2pts

Perch 10” or longer. 2 pts

White bass 12” or longer 2 pts
Largemouth 12” or longer 2 pts.
Smallmouth 12” or longer 2 pts

Catfish. 16” or longer 2 pts

Blue catfish 24” or longer 4 pts

Crappie 7” or longer 2 pts

Blue gill. 7” or longer 2 pts

frog 2 pt

Bonus points if submitted a pic of the fish that you caught will get 2 points.

Good luck, ya’ll. Let have fun this year.

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Big H

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Is Ben playing this year?

I TOO want to know about saltwater, we will be in Islamorada next week...


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Salesville ohio
Fun day at the spillway with the kiddos! Only dinks though and one medium sized drum I guess you guys call them up here? Look pretty similar to saltwater drum in certain ways. Fun day.


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