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DEAL Parker Bows Concorde Self-cocking Crossbow, CO2 Operated.


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Bought this just over a year ago after I had spine surgery for deer hunting. Now that I can move around a little better, with wobbly legs, and this one is just a little awkward to carry in the woods.

Since the crossbow will cock itself with use of CO2, it makes it great for those with injures that limits using a cocking rope. With a push of a button, the bow is drawn and locked into firing poistion. If you want to de-cock without firing it can also be done with the push of a button and pull of the trigger. More pictures available.

I bought it a little over a year ago after spine surgery. This year with having to climb hills to hunt, With the weight of the cocking system, it is to much carry up and down the
hills. I am looking to trade even
or sell. I have included the photos of everything. It also discharges it self with the system.

This is for the Parker Concorde Self-cocking crossbow Package:


4 extra CO2 tanks

Red Hot Crossbow Broad heads

Red Hot replacement blades

Approximately a eight (8) Parker Capture Knock Crossbow arrows

Crossbow Carrying Case

I have had this for two years since my spine surgery. However, I can no longer manage it or archery season. I purchased it last September after spine surgery. While it is a good shooter, my legs are getting a little to unstable to go up and down the hills where I hunt. One price takes it all. If your interested I have more pictures to email or text.

Great for shooter's and hunter's with back or shoulder problems. And again. Tons of pictures to show. All goes in one package.

Looking to trade for another nice crossbow or cash of $450 takes it all.


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Never knew such a cocking system existed. Looks pretty cool. Happy as a clam with my TenPoint, so don't need one, but good luck. It'll work out.


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Licking Co. Ohio
Something like this you may be better off to put it on eBay. Personally, I would list it about the second or third week of August. Start the bid at 199. and hope for the best.
(Parker being out of business there's probably very few parts for this bow). Sorry to be saying that but I am going to tell you the truth.
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