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School night doe


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NW Ohio
Junior this year? Kinda nice texting your kid with "jump in your ride and come give me a hand". Big enough to be able to help like a man is a great feeling. I know Caleb is a good kid. You and your bride have done well raising them. Congrats on the freezer meat!


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For the first time ever, I sent one to the butcher. We will see how I feel about it after I get the bill, lol
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brock ratcliff

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Yeah he’s on Stafford road. Right at the intersection of Barger. He does a good job. If you have him make sausage (the jalapeño cheese is awesome), it get expensive in a hurry. I’ve taken him most of mine for several years now. I never trusted anyone to do it for me until I met him. It will come back clean.
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