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Solar tiki light fix


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I've had solar tiki lights out behind the house for years & really like them.


A few of them have been giving me fits for a good while where as when they come on at night, the function mode changes & I have to go out & change back to flickering mode. Some of the on /off switches have also gone haywire & you really have to fuck around with them.

Not anymore !

Today, I learned how to remedy that altogether......

Inside, there is a wire that goes to the on/off switch. I pulled that wire out & cut it . In reality, you're never gonna use the on/off, so just bypass it.


It's actually a two wire, so I split them & then stripped the ends. These lights have different mode effects, so all you need to do is touch the exposed together to get the mode you want ... re : flickering, & then stuff the wire back in , careful not to let the wires touch each other or the mode will change.


I was getting ready to order some new ones before I found this fix.