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Strouds '24 - October 13-20



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I can go ahead and email Shelley Rex and let her know our dates and get pricing. We can go ahead and lock down both cabins and adjust later based on attendance.

Can you get an idea of what a cabin(s) would run earlier in the week?

Email sent, Ill update as I know more.
Any info on earlier in the week cabins ?
I may bring a friend who's a veteran, hunter, scout troop leader, and his son is gonna be a freshman at OU this year but I don't think he wants to camp.
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S.W. Ohio
Of the 5 camper spots, Jesse will have 1, Clay will have 1, I will have 1 (or I can park on the grass next to 1 if need be). That leaves 2 spots open for campers in the immediate area. The campground is never full so there will be additional spots available nearby. We are still 95 days away, so there is still time to adjust as needed.