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Things to come...


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I’ve had a few thoughts running through my head for the past month that I wanted to share with everyone. I’m going to take action on this stuff in the coming weeks in hopes that the “quality information exchanged amongst quality individuals” portion of TOO’s mantra will continue to gain momentum, subsequently strengthening our forum over time. So without further ado, here’s what I’m thinking…

What’s good TOO?

I tried this on OS and it failed miserably, so I’m a little reluctant to revisit it. But I feel this would make a great thread (probably make it a sticky) that would brighten our days much like the “Nothing about Nothing” thread does most days! TOO often we focus on the negatives in life; some avoidable, some self inflicted, all less than positive to say the least!!! Sometime next week, I’m going to start this thread and I’d like to see it updated every now and then with uplifting or feel good stories. I have a few I’ve been meaning to share that will be part of the initial post. The goal is to get myself and others to recognize and acknowledge the moments that make you take a step back, but for a positive reason. There is good all around us and I’d like to see us share that more often.

TOO Buck of the Month

Each month, I will select someone to submit a write up of their buck, along with some pictures. We’ll get an article up on the home page, Facebook, and maybe work in a YouTube video at the end of the year with all 12. (Or 9 as the case would be for 2011.) I’m willing to write it up like a NAW article is someone doesn’t want to go through the trouble, but I’d like to see it come from you all. We’ll start this in April, so keep your eyes peeled for the April Edition of TOO’s Buck of the Month!!!


Those of you who were around back in the day on OS, remember me writing “articles” as they were dubbed. I got away from that when I took the gig with BEC because of all the hating I was getting both in public and behind the scenes. I miss that and it’s high time I get back into that mode, especially if I have a place like TOO to share it with! There are some great talents around here and some of you have the ability to really communicate well with the general membership. I have a minerals and food plots article planned for the year. I could see Dale (Badger) doing a write up on smoking/cooking meats or the other Dale (deerjunkie) doing something on videoing your hunts. I know Greg has some great ideas for videos I’d like to see him do. I could see Ernie or JB doing something on turkeys. The list goes on and on. I want to challenge some of you guys to develop articles and/or videos we can feature here on TOO, but also through our other media channels. If you have an idea for something, get with me and we’ll get a game plan together. The membership is driving this site right now and I see this as great way to ensure the trend continues in the future.

If all goes well, I’ll have something on minerals up in the next week or so. I'm hoping these are things you guys will be behind. If not, well screw you guys!!! :smiley_cowboy::smiley_chicken:


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Jesse, those are some great ideas. I think they would really enhance the site. Not that it isn't a great place, but there's nothing wrong with a little "home improvement".:smiley_bril:


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Jesse, those are some great ideas. I think they would really enhance the site. Not that it isn't a great place, but there's nothing wrong with a little "home improvement".:smiley_bril:

TOO's Goal



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Central Ohio
Good stuff man... things just keep getting better. We've got lots of passionate & talented guys around here. Look forward to continue watching this thing grow. The best is yet to come...


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NW Ohio
Sounds good to me. I will be looking forward to the mineral recipe! Been thinking about it already. Never tried it.