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The ticks have been aweful here this year. Normally I find one or two on me all summer. We have been using 50 percent deet, long pants and long sleeve shirts. The dogs are wearing collars and frontline. They sure seem to like me and more male border collie over my wife and the bitches. What are you all using for yourselves and dogs?

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My wife gives the dogs a chewable (Nexgard) for fleas and ticks. Works great….dogs never had fleas and I’ve never found a tick on them. My wife will get a tick now and then walking in the front yard-same yard the dogs are in all of the time. Maybe I need to suggest that she starts taking the chewable TOO.😂


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Our dogs get Frontline, I soak our outdoor/work clothes in Permethrin. It works. There is a whole thread about it here someplace. Without a doubt the most effective and cheapest way to protect yourself. If a tick or chigger or whatever crawls on clothing treated with Permethrin, it dies, period. I have cautiously sprayed it around the house in problem areas to get rid of Wasps, stinkbugs, Japanese Lady Beetles, spiders. It does not discriminate. It kills everything. I stopped doing that because it kills honey bees, praying mantis, butterflies, moths, etc.

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Permethrin treated clothes is the answer for ticks. Various chewable tick treatments are good for the pups. I can't remember the last time I had a tick attach. Probably over ten years.
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Nexgard chewable for the inbred and permethrin treatment for our clothes. Zero issues. The only ticks we find on/around him are ones that latched and died. And he spends A LOT of time in prime tick habitat. Like @Jamie said, permethrin works for chiggers too. Only time I’ve had them since starting to use it is when I forgot to spray 🙄