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Young deer muscle growth rate?


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Nw oh
How much muscle weight will a fawn put on from late october to the end of hunting season? Saw a herd down the road from my house tonight and thought not many deer look much like fawns anymore. Just wanted to know a pound figure by month.


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Mahoning Co.
If I had to guess the first year is mostly about building the frame (skeleton). After that they’ll add muscle and fat.


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In good habitat a doe fawn can reach 70lbs in her first year. This actually has been shown to equate to doe fawns coming into estrous that first year - further increasing deer densities (in areas with good habitat, enough food per deer!).

often you’ll see, what looks like blood in snow. That can be a young fawn in estrous or a doe coming around again due to breeding not taking first go.

Hope it helps!!
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