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Youth spring gobbler ‘24


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knox county ohio
Not sure why the picture didn't post congrats to all the successful hunters


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Little bit of side story here, I like feel this is what it is all about, this is my buddy who sat with one of my twin sons- Tom is getting divorced after like 20 years of marriage, hasn’t hunted or fished much because of it (he’s as good as an outdoorsman I know), we are both members of a hunt club. My boys have fished with him on my boat in the past we had a ball. So Tom and boy sit on the other side of the club, Liam isn’t in the blind a minute and is already getting out his snacks. Liam presents cheese sticks, meat sticks and a jar of peanuts. Tom informed me that my son proceeded to give him peanuts 1 at a time until Tom demanded handfuls 😂. I quote a text “ your boy is a stingy little bastard”. This also going on with gobbler action happening all around them. Tom told me they talked hunting, wrestling, jujitsu, fishing and my boy’s favorite football. They had birds pretty close all morning but couldn’t get it done with the wind picking up as the day progressed. When we finished I asked Tom how he was and Tom said it was the most fun he’s had in about a year and wants to try again tomorrow. It almost brought me to tears on the drive home, thinking of the simple act of kindness and selflessness my buddy showed in the midst of the dealing with the worse thing ever in his life. If we don’t kill a turkey this spring I’ll still consider it a success.