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How I found TOO


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I joined TOO early on. I was like member 39 or something. There was some drama that took place when TOO first came about. Honestly OS and TOO had a hand in raising young men like "88", huck, and myself. I haven't met as many guys on here recently because I am rarely in Ohio anymore. TOO is a great place.
I started on the forums when I was 22. At 35, I can honestly say that a large part of why I am the man I am today is from the friendships I've made via OS and TOO. Guys like Geezer and Milo have taught me lifelong lessons that I may not have been fortunate enough to learn had it not been for this platform. It's also guy the learning curve drastically on many of my outdoor pursuits and over time, I've gone from total rookie, to seasoned vet in some pursuits. Always remember to pay it forward and this platform will give you far more than you could have ever imagined from a group of "guys on the internets". :cool: