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Nephews and I trolled up 9 keeper saugeye, 9 keeper crappie, 1 perch, and 11 nice catfish at Indian Lake today. Catfish not pictured, but they were cleaned for the fryer tonight. Actually if you look you can see the remnants of the cats in the gut bucket in the lower left corner of the pic




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Well done Red!

Haven't been out for a week or so, trolling motor caught fire on us bowfishing the other day. Luckily it must have had a bad connection or corrosion in the head and was just able to cut it all out and re wire it.

Another great day on Indian Lake with the Father in Law yesterday. Finished 1 short of our limit for Saugeye, although we missed one with the net that escaped, and lost a couple others just short of the boat. Got a nice mess of Crappies, 2 of which were Fish Ohio's. It was nonstop action with all the small saugeye and the 20 or so nice channel cats we released

I rarely bass fish, at least if we are in Ohio. Mason and I decided to give them a whirl tonight at Rocky. I only caught one, Mason caught nothing. The one I caught was pretty nice. 19", no idea what it weighed but it was pretty skinny.



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That is a nice one.

Why do I have the feeling we won't see him without that Matthew's hat for the next few years.
Mason and I went to a neighbor's farm pond last night. It's almost like cheating. He and I both caught nice bass on our respective first casts. It was our first time fishing there too, as our neighbor just purchased this farm last year and we had not found our way back to this pond yet. It sits out in the middle of a bean field. Out of sight, out of mind kind of deal. I don't think anyone has fished it for a mighty long time. There was no sign of anyone having ever been there. That, of course, is not the case but it has obviously not seen much pressure in recent years. It's a hidden gem it would seem. Mason helped the neighbor and put up some straw yesterday and wasted no time in securing permission.... haha. That's my boy. We caught about 20 bass, a giant crappie, and a handful of bluegill too. I'll look forward to our next trip.