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Official TOO Catch Thread

Went out tonight to a local reservoir and had a blast, caught close to 20 keepers on a ned rig. They were hammering it on the fall. Best evening we’ve had so far this season. We have a tournament there in 2 weeks and if they’re still there we should have a good one
J that ned rig is the bomb.....even down here. I will be fishing it hard on Monday. I caught a few small keepers yesterday on texas rigged zoom finesse. The algae was to deep for the ned rig.
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Columbiana County
6 bass all large mouth, 2 crappie, 2 white bass and a bluegill that went flying over the boat on the hook set 😂
Couple of the bass were 14” and the rest around 12”
One of the white bass were 15” and put up a heck of a fight 😂
Couple other boats were just putting in when I got there and had a similar day when I crossed their paths later on. Fished from 7:30 to noon today.... Not a bad day but all were males as the females haven’t moved up yet.....