What do you do for a living?

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NW Ohio
I'm a lawn mower jockey, wheel barrow jockey, snow plow jockey, parking lot sweeper jockey, landlord, tree stand salesmen, plumber, carpenter, secretary, janitor, mechanic, backhoe operator, marketing/sales, welder, garbage man, HR, also in purchasing, nursery grower, accounts receivable, accounts payable Dept, equipment fabrication, and a couple other things. I even do laundry but I definitely don't cook.

My wife and kids just see me as the asshole who pays the bills though.


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Stark County


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Licking Co. Ohio
I’ve been more of a lurker than a poster since finding this site. You guys seem to have a lot of years of history together so I don’t butt in too much.

I guess a thread like this is a way to get to know members.

I am a salesman in the manufacturing business. I sell cutting tools to plants that make stuff out of metal. That could be parts for cars, planes, medical devises, guns etc. I live in Cincinnati and work up and down I-75 with most of my time in Dayton.
I was a lurker once. You are the only thing keeping you from being family. Glad to have you around.
Electrician by trade, although now in the capacity of estimator/supervisor. So my former peers are my subordinates and they are the reason I drink . Seriously though, I’m fortunate enough to truly enjoy what I do
Likes: Sgt Fury


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Hudson, OH
Hi, i’m from corporate and I’m here to help....😂😂😂😂

I’m in corporate Supply Chain and enjoy spending as much time in the manufacturing and distribution environments as possible.

I have worked with a plethora of global, diversified, industrial manufactures and automotive manufactures over the years.