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Recent content by Isaacorps

  1. Isaacorps

    2022 Velvet Bucks

  2. Isaacorps

    What's in your cup?

    One of my favorites for a daily is Evan Williams BIB. At $19 it’s hard to beat
  3. Isaacorps

    Crooked City podcast

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story
  4. Isaacorps

    2022 Velvet Bucks

    He’s a good one, Denny! Looks like the spikes on the trough are doing a good job keeping the squirrels out 😅
  5. Isaacorps

    Today marks 28 years

    Congrats fellas!
  6. Isaacorps

    Eye glow color

  7. Isaacorps

    Hiking Boots.

    I have a pair each of Merrell and Keene. That Keenes are much more comfortable for me and have held up much better. The Merrells aren’t bad, they just can’t take the abuse the Keenes can. My work boots are also Keene and by far the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Red Wing, Ariat, Rocky don’t...
  8. Isaacorps

    Mountain Lion sighting

    Definitely a bobcat. Only looks solid in color due to being washed out from the camera as it was taken right around dawn
  9. Isaacorps

    TOO Summer Gathering: July 21-24, 2022

    My copilot was a big help on the way home 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Isaacorps


    Happy birthday, gents!
  11. Isaacorps

    TOO Summer Gathering: July 21-24, 2022

    It might have already suffered the same fate as the NAPA cooler
  12. Isaacorps

    Doggone good dog thread

    And good luck teaching them the “pull and pray” method 🤣