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Recent content by NWOHhunter

  1. NWOHhunter

    Anybody putting in for draw hunts this year?

    I was drawn for Salt Fork!! Any advice would Be appreciated!!! You can Dm me. THANKS!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. NWOHhunter

    1 yote on the board!

    Well crap....the streak of getting a response ended last night, we tried four different sets and not response or set of eyes! With the winds, cold, and 2 new locations I was super optimistic but that slowly went away with each set........It was a good run 7 sets, time to make another run...
  3. NWOHhunter

    ODRN to regulate coyote hunting?

    Welp if this goes through, gonna take away a reason for me to go out and enjoy the outdoors year round! Guess it will be a couple months out of the year..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. NWOHhunter

    1 yote on the board!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. NWOHhunter

    1 yote on the board!

    Well over the past month and half I have had either extremely close vocal responses or eyes just out of range in the last 7 sets. Friday night had a fox come charging in down wind to coyote breeding sequence. Which I find odd! It came in like a coyote does no bouncing and then used the woods...
  6. NWOHhunter

    1 yote on the board!

    Keep em, they make nice wall decor
  7. NWOHhunter

    1 yote on the board!

    Last night called one in but couldn't get him to stick around long enough to talk! Next set, moved about a mile down the road and had a pack light up in a woods and they sounded pissed, couldn't get them to come out and play....It was a good time though!
  8. NWOHhunter

    LIVE from the stand 2019-20

  9. NWOHhunter

    Wouldn't ya know...

    That is a dandy!!! Congratulations !!! Way to stick with it when most guys hang it up for the year!
  10. NWOHhunter

    Ohio Gun Season 2019

    Congratulations Chad!!! well done!
  11. NWOHhunter

    Lightning strikes twice?

    Girl is on fire!!!
  12. NWOHhunter


    Hell yeah!!! Congratulations to your daughter and to you dad!! Gotta be a good feeling!!
  13. NWOHhunter


    Heck of a buck!!! Way to get it done!!!