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  1. bowhunter1023

    First Annual TOO Bow Shoot at Crooked Run Archery Club

    We have been tossing around some ideas for a TOO bow shoot at the Cardinal Center that would double as a bow shoot and educational venue. So this offer from Marcus came along at a good time. I do not have a ton of details at this point and I'm sure things will develop as we get closer to the...
  2. "J"

    Annual Thanksgiving Rabbit Hunt

    A good friend who I've know since 1978 and I have been rabbit hunting together since then..... When our kids were born a year and half apart when they were older they started rabbit hunting with us and we always went out Thanksgiving day for a rabbit hunt, we've always had beagles and the kids...
  3. Buckmaster

    Deer Wife, It's time for the annual divorce

    Hi Honey, This is the week I file for my annual divorce. I'll be at Deer Camp beginning Friday through Sunday's for the rest of the year. Honey, please keep the bills paid up, take the daughter to soccer, kiss the kids good night for me, and leave the light on for me when I get home on those...
  4. U

    first annual TOO catfish outing

    i figure i would get this started early , so we could come up with a date so the most people could come , im hosting a catfishing day at the paylake im affiliated with , cover charge is coverd and so is food and bait , but i need a good idea on how many people will show up so i know how much...