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first annual TOO catfish outing

i figure i would get this started early , so we could come up with a date so the most people could come , im hosting a catfishing day at the paylake im affiliated with , cover charge is coverd and so is food and bait , but i need a good idea on how many people will show up so i know how much food and bait and such that i will need, so fellas start throwing out some dates on when you would like to see it happen , there will be a tournament for biggest fish winner gets a TOO master baiter t shirt ( yes i know im cheap )
yes i will take the catfish off the hook for the girly girly guys....lol

we are in talks right now about putting in a clay range and also a 3d archery course

and possibly a camp ground in the next few years

im trying to buy the house down from the lake so that i can be closer to it

o and no alcohol or dogs on lake property


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A couple years ago, before it was a pay lake, Kody caught a blue gill on a spinner that was on steroids or some shit. That thing was a giant!!! We were fishing for bass and that bugger latched on. He had a helluva time bringing it in... of course he was like 7 at the time. Lol


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Sunbury, OH
Dang, don't know if would know how to catfish without something to sip on. That is like coon hunting without bourbon ;)



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Sounds like good fun. Maybe we can hear some of the local yotes while waiting for the late bite. Awaiting date...