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  1. Mike

    FOR SALE 92 Gallon Corner All-Glass aquarium

    Tank only and it is drilled for bulk heads. It also has a plastic background that will hide all plumbing (removable). $200 Wet dry system w/out pump. $50 I have no place to put this tank, so please come and get it.
  2. Mike

    FOR SALE 150 Gallon Aquarium

    All-Glass aquarium with custom concrete background. Fish or reptiles, it makes a great environment. Tank and stand only. $300 pick up only :smiley_coolpeace:
  3. Mike

    Aquarium fix

    Today's project involved some touch up concrete work inside my 300 gallon aquarium. After killing the entire tank, it was time to repair some of the concrete work that was rubbed off by the bottom feeders. I built the entire tank about 5 years ago. Little guy inside me inside done! Original...