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  1. "J"

    Cincinnati area mechanic needed

    Friends of mine have a daughter in school down there and her car is in need of repair, they were asking me if I had any connections down there and I said I may... So if anyone has a trustworthy mechanic down that way I'd appreciate the name and number.... Thanks...
  2. Big H

    Backyard Wildlife Area

    Some have seen the pics of the Great Horned Owls we have been seeing almost every day now in the backyard. Last night as I am bringing two of the girls home from softball practice, I get a text from my youngest asking when I am going to be home? I asked why and she sends back, there are 7 or 8...
  3. Bowlowe

    Delaware wildlife area

    Was wondering if anyone has hunted Delaware wildlife area for turkey, not asking for specifics just new to turkey hunting and need a general direction and Delaware is close to me , thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Bowhunter57

    Are the groundhogs disappearing in your area?

    I've not seen any physical evidence (a coyote with a g-hog in its' mouth), but there's more than one hunter in this area of the state that agrees the groundhog population is dwindling. I used to cover several miles with my vehicle, going from farm to farm shooting groundhogs. I've not seen more...
  5. L

    Miami county, Troy area

    Anybody forum dwellers from this area?
  6. Bowhunter57

    Check Out the ODNR Trout Release Dates for your Area

    Schoonover Lake (April 13th) and Lima Lake (April 19th) are the ones closest to my location. http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/Home/FishingSubhomePage/FishingProspectsandReports/troutsprtrout/tabid/6974/Default.aspx Bowhunter57
  7. finelyshedded

    What's the greenup in your area like?

    Ours down here in the SW and from the reports from my bro in the SE are way ahead of schedule. There are still bucks carrying both sides down here in my area and the countryside will be like the Canadian bush by the time their sheds it the ground. Dang greenup and the honey-do-list are killing...
  8. Gordo

    What should I expect when hunting a heavily farmed area

    Ive been looking for a property to hunt which is heavily farmed down here in south eastern ohio for a while and finally hit the mother load. Its about 500 acres loaded with alphalpha, corn, and soy beans. Not sure how much of a role its going to play this year because of the late start I had...
  9. bowhunter1023

    NEED HELP! C-Bus area folks going to the BEC shoot!!!

    I ordered white Easton Super Nocks 12 days ago and they are still not at my house. I am plum ass out and have some arrows to finish for the raffle tomorrow. Is there anyone here that can hit a bow shop this afternoon/evening and get me 12? I'll be at the shoot around 12:30 tomorrow and would...
  10. swamp_donkey819

    killzone area

    ok looking for a lil info, i know where the best spot to aim is on a deer is, been watching alot of hunting shows and they dont always hit in the vitals and still get the kill, what i was wondering is how far off can a shot be and still get a kill shot, is there a picture guide that shows where...
  11. RedCloud

    Heading up to the Defience area

    I am going to be heading up to Florida and that's halfway between Defience and Napoleon on either Thursday or Friday evening if anybody wants to meet up.
  12. bowhunter1023

    Akron Area Peeps

    Need some help if at all possible. Wayne, you would be perfect for this if you would like to do it. I need some landman work done on State Road in Akron. If someone would like to help, I'd appreciate it...
  13. C

    Moving to Wooster Area

    Some know and some don't....Looks like I am packing up the family and moving from SW Ohio up to the wooster area. I am gonna be working for Columbia gas near Lucas but the wifey likes the Wooster area so we will try and find a place on the West or SW side of there. Does anyone have any leads on...
  14. Beentown

    Political area...

    It seems something in the politics area is keeping busy. Everytime I login there are at least 4 people viewing it. Care to share? I find it interesting... Beentown
  15. formerbowhunter1023

    Veto Lake Wildlife Area

    I'm thinking my best bet it to call Eric Bear about this, but I was hoping y'all might be able to help. I cannont find anything on the legality of waterfowl hunting on Veto Lake. Google searches for Veto Lake regs are sketchy at best. I know there are some areas of the wildlife area that are...
  16. RedCloud

    Wrigth State Dayton area ?

    So I found out I have to take my oldest down there to take her math placement test on Wednesday morning. I will have about an hour if anybody is down that way and want to BS and meet up while she is taking her test between 11:00am and 12:00pm :D. Let me know.