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Veto Lake Wildlife Area


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SE Ohio
I'm thinking my best bet it to call Eric Bear about this, but I was hoping y'all might be able to help. I cannont find anything on the legality of waterfowl hunting on Veto Lake. Google searches for Veto Lake regs are sketchy at best. I know there are some areas of the wildlife area that are open to public hunting, but I'm not sure about the actual process of killing birds on the water.

I've seen a few hundred geese on the lake in the last week and all of them in a spot I could easily access. If I can figure out the legality of hunting the lake, I might have found a relatively good spot to hunt. I won't even need a boat or dog to hunt the area I've been seeing birds in. Waders and some luck not sinking up to my knees, and I'd be able to retreive birds.


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Norton, OH
Jesse, have you called the district wildlife office? Not sure about down there, but the northeast office is always very helpful with these types of questions. Some suggestions though for if you do go there that I have learned from hunting my mucky swamp. Cut yourself a good walking staff to help with balance and if the birds aren't dead in the water, bring your gun along. I carry 2 3/4 steel loads for cripple loads if they are swimming. Made the mistake of not carrying my gun with me on a hen woodie and she ended up swimming into a very, very large patch of reeds and I was never able to recover.