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  1. S

    Easton Axis / Slick Tricks

    Wantin to buy some 125gr Slick Tricks to pair up with my Axis 400's HIT. Should I order some broadhead adapter rings as well? I don't mind the extra weight if it means saving some shafts. What say you? Thanks
  2. Rutin

    FOR SALE Easton Axis Nano 340

    I have 9 total Easton Axis Nano n-fused arrows. 8 have new Fusion 2" vanes (2 white/ 1 red) and 1 has 2" Blazers (2 white/ 1 orange). I bought these a year ago and used only a few. These were used for target practice and not hunting so they a near flawless. These measure 27 3/4" from nock to...
  3. Rutin

    FOR SALE Neon green Axis FOBS

    I have two BRAND NEW tubes of neon green FOBS for sale. I bought these for my old bow that was decked out with neon green dampers and accessories but I sold it so these must go. $30 Pm me if interested
  4. hickslawns

    Savage Axis info

    One of my guys just bought a Savage Axis in 22-250 with SS barrel. Brand new he spent $360. Basically $400 with a box of shells out the door. Anyone with any input on this model? I am curious because I thought that was pretty reasonable for what he got.