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Savage Axis info


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One of my guys just bought a Savage Axis in 22-250 with SS barrel. Brand new he spent $360. Basically $400 with a box of shells out the door. Anyone with any input on this model? I am curious because I thought that was pretty reasonable for what he got.


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Sunbury, OH
They have been rated really well. I have shot them and they are good shooters most of the time. They were formely know as the Savage Edge but had to change the name because of trademarks. I chose the Marlin XS7S because I preferred the feel and trigger. They really are pretty much a toss up. The Sportsmans Den runs the blued XS7 or XL7 for $269. I think that is what it is right now. The SS models run $349 usually.

They are the best values in rifles IMHO.