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  1. rgecko23

    FOR SALE Montant Ghost Camo Snow Ghost Bibs and Coat

    I will post pics up tonight, but I am wanting to sell my Snow Ghost Camo Bibs and Parka. They are size XL and are huge on me. The zipper on the right leg of the bib needs fixed, but basically brand new. I have really only wore them a couple times. The warmest and quietest stuff I own. Waterproof...
  2. bthompson1004

    DEAL Russell outdoors apx gale bibs

    I've been hunting for some softshell bib/pants for a good deal and finally found them...check 'em out if you're in the market...just dumb luck fhat i found this, follow the link. http://www.wingsupply.com/cart.php?suggest=519240cc720cf
  3. buckbuster217

    Parka and bibs

    Just ordered a parka and insulated bibs from cabelas for 42 dollars and that is with shipping!!!!!!!! A.G.O. brand in nat gear camo is on clearance, 14.99 for the bibs and 17.99 for the parka, figured what the heck for that price I couldnt go wrong, they have all sizes up to 3xl in stock, but...
  4. S

    Rest / Bibs

    I have two things, Anyone not use a drop away rest. I am thinking of going to a capture style rest, the NAP 360 to be exact, The KISS theory keeps flashing through my head, I use a G5 expert II now.I like the rest but just trying to remove one more possible thing that can go wrong. but I'm...