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Rest / Bibs


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Central Md
I have two things,

Anyone not use a drop away rest. I am thinking of going to a capture style rest, the NAP 360 to be exact, The KISS theory keeps flashing through my head, I use a G5 expert II now.I like the rest but just trying to remove one more possible thing that can go wrong. but I'm not sure the 360 or any other rest is anymore bullet proof

Second, I am looking for a pair of bib's that are light weight, not the one's you were in the late season. I want them insulated, just not a heavy insulation. Camo pattern doesn't matter.



Senior Member
As for not using a rest, I realize that this is probably much more basic than what you're considering, but I use a whisker biscuit...

On the bibs, I bought a pair from Cabela's. They are 'late season' and heavily insulated...but also light. I've seen plenty of cloth bibs, you can get those really cheap from Wing Supply or something like that, but I'm not sure what to recommend for something midweight? Anyways, here's the link to that thread.



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NAP makes a good rest. I shot the whisker biscuit for about 3 or 4 years and never had a problem with it. Replaced the bristles once I think.


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North Central Ohio
I use just a plain old Flipper rest but looking to get a cradle type rest. I'm with you in the NO drop away style rests. I just don't want any extra moving parts if I don't have to that could cost me if it sticks.

Current style

Something I would like to go with

Just my preference.


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I was using the Octane Hostage arrow rest. I found the bristles were wearing down and my groups became less acceptable to me until I replaced bristles and dialed her in again. Still have it in the package. I believe i have one set of bristles to go with it too. Tell me what they are selling for and I will sell it for half. Probably $6-8 to cover shipping.